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Since that we have received a numerous questions about Vigrx plus, we have decided to research this product and write only scientific facts, to help our visitors to make decision on buying this product. We must mention that this post is not sponsored and we are not receiving any payments for this post.

We have include only the studies that provide valid evidence on efficacy of VigRx plus and are published in valid scientific journals (Journals from so-called SCI list).

Vigrx plus is herbal drug that contains following herbs:

  1. epimedium leaf (lat. Epimedium Sagittatum),
  2. damiana (lat. Turnera Aphrodisaca),
  3. ginkgo biloba leaf (lat. Ginkgo Biloba),
  4. asian red ginseng (lat. Panax Ginseng),
  5. saw palmetto berry (Fructus serenoae),
  6. muira pauma bark extract (Ptychopetalum Olacoides),
  7. catuba bark extract (Erythoroxylum catuba).

These herbs work by increasing and improving the blood distribution in your genitals, therefore Vigrx plus is used to increase libido and to improve erection quality.

Vigrx plus improve sperm quality and its production, therefore may be used in couples trying to conceive. Basing on its ingredients, it is possible that Vigrx plus actually improve sperm production and quality. However, we did not found scientific data that confirms that Vigrx plus improve sperm quality and its production.

Numerous studies have shown that this medicineĀ is very effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Studies have also shown that Vigrx plus increase ability to maintain erection during penetration, increase ability to penetrate partner, increase quality and quantity of orgasms, increase sex drive and desire, and increase sexual satisfaction. All these effects are confirmed by many studies conducted all over the world.

There was significant difference between placebo and Vigrx plus, since that Vigrx plus was improving sexual function in over 90% of men that participate in the study.


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