Anastrozol - Use | Dose | Effects

Anastrozol (also known as anastrozole) is a medicine that belongs to a group of medicines used in the treatment of cancer. According to the mechanism of action, It belongs to the group of medicines called aromatase inhibitors.

Aromatase is an enzyme from the group of cytochrome P450 and affects the estrogen blood level. It is mostly used in the treatment of advanced breast cancer (only for estrogen-dependent) in postmenopausal women. Therefore, this medicine is used only in the treatment of estrogen-dependent breast cancer.


  • It cannot be used in women who did not pass through menopause.
  • It should not be used neither in patients allergic to this drug or other similar medicines. If you experience symptoms of allergy, such as:
    • itching,
    • redness,
    • swelling,
    • trouble breathing, contact your doctor immediately.
  • This drug should not be used in patients with liver or kidney disorders.
  • Anastrozol cannot be used in pregnant women and breastfeeding moms.
  • It can be used only with great caution in women with osteoporosis (bone disorder). It can worsen the osteoporosis in these women and reduce bone density. That results in fragile bones that break easily. Therefore, your doctor will recommend you to determine bone density and prescribe you any of the following medicines such as:
    • alendronate,
    • zoledronate,
    • clodronate,
    • ibandronic acid, in order to prevent bone fractures.
  • Anastrozol cannot be used in children!
  • It can affect laboratory tests results.

Use during pregnancy and breastfeeding

It should not be used during pregnancy. Discuss with your doctor about the benefits and risks of using Anastrozol during pregnancy.

Avoid breast-feeding while using this drug. Instead of breastfeeding your baby, you can give your baby formula milk.

Dose and Use

Usual dose is Anastrozol 1 mg once a day with a glass of water.

You need to take this medicament for as long as your doctor recommended, regardless of whether you are feeling better or not. It is usually taken for more years.

Make sure that you are taking always at the same time of day.

Use with other medicines (Interactions)

Anastrozol cannot be used in combination with the following medicines:

  • Tamoxifen, used in the treatment of breast cancer. Anastrozol cannot be used concomitant with this medicine, because tamoxifen may decrease the efficacy of Anastrozol.
  • Estrogen preparations. Concomitant use with these medicines may decrease efficacy of Anastrozol.

Tell your doctor about all medications and herbal medicines you are taking.

Anastrozol side effects

Anastrozol may cause the following side effects:

  1. nausea,
  2. vomiting,
  3. diarrhea,
  4. loss of appetite,
  5. headache,
  6. drowsiness,
  7. fatigue,
  8. hair loss (alopecia),
  9. high blood cholesterol,
  10. Steven-Johnson syndrome (a life-threatening skin disorder),
  11. allergy and others.

Tell your doctor if you experience any of abovementioned side effects.

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