Contractubex - Gel used to reduce scars

Contractubex gel is a medicine that contains three active substances:

  • heparin sodium (50 i.j./g),
  • allantoin (0.01 g / g),
  • garlic extract (0.1 g / g).

It belongs to a group of medicines used to reduce and minimize scars. It has an antiproliferative effect (prevents the spread of cells into surrounding tissues), antiphlogistic effect (prevents and alleviates inflammation) and soothing effect on te scar tissue. Because of these effects, this medicine is used to treat scars after surgery, burn and amputation as well as in the treatment of scars that limit movement.


Contractubex gel should be avoided in the following conditions:

  • If you have open wounds that are not healing properly
  • If you are allergic to any of its ingredient. If you are experiencing symptoms of an allergy, such as:
    • hives,
    • itching or swelling, discontinue use and contact your doctor.

It should be avoided in children under the age of 6 months.

Use of Contractubex gel during pregnancy and breastfeeding

There are insufficient data about safety in pregnancy.

Talk to your doctor before using Contractubex gel during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

How to use

Contractubex gel should be applied 4-5 times a day. You should apply a thin layer of Contractubex gel and then gently massage the gel over the scar. You may cover the area with thin kitchen foil or gauze.

The length of treatment depends on the severity of the scar and typically lasts between several weeks and several months.

You should avoid exposing your scars to sunlight or other factors that may cause irritation of scars.

This medicine can be taken regardless of food intake.

Use with other medicines (Interactions)

There are no known interactions with other medicines.

Tell your doctor if you are appliing any other gels, creams or ointments.

Tell your doctor about all medications and herbal products you are taking.

Contractubex Side effects

Contractubex gel may cause the following side effects:

  1. itchy skin,
  2. redness of the skin,
  3. dilation of the peripheral blood vessels,
  4. skin thinning resulting in wrinkles and dryness,
  5. darkening of the skin,
  6. pain at the application site,
  7. swelling,
  8. acne,
  9. skin inflammation (dermatitis),
  10. skin burning sensation,
  11. allergy and others.

Tell your doctor if you are experiencing any side effects.

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