Detralex - Use | Dose | Side Effects

Detralex is a medicine that contains two active substances:

  1. diosmin,
  2. hesperidin.

These substances are pharmaceutical substances of plant origin and belong to a group of phenolic compounds, called flavonoids. It belongs to a group of medicines called venotonics and vasculoprotectives (medicines that reduce the symptoms of venous insufficiency and protect blood vessels).

It works by reducing the extensibility of veins and normalizing capillary permeability. It is used to reduce symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency (a condition where the blood flow through the veins is blocked causing lower extremity discomfort) and to reduce symptoms of hemorrhoids (anal pain, anal itching and burning sensation in the anus).


Detralex should be avoided in the following conditions:

  • In patients who are allergic to any of active substances (diosmin and hesperidin) or other similar compounds.

Prolonged use of this medicine in the treatment of hemorrhoids should be avoided. If you do not start to feel better after a 10 day treatment with Detralex, contact your doctor.

You should also make healthy lifestyle changes, because this medicine works best when you make these changes as well.

If you have hemorrhoids, changing your diet may help you get rid of the hemorrhoids. Avoid high-fat and spicy foods. You should be physically active at least half an hour a day (walking recommended). Avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time.

If you have venous insufficiency, you should take at least a one hour walk every day. If you are overweight or obese, you should lose weight to lower your risk of worsening symptoms of venous insufficiency. You should always wear comfortable shoes, especially if you are standing or walking for long periods of time.

Use of Detralex during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Use of Detralex during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not recommended, due to insufficient data on its use during pregnancy. Animal studies have not shown adverse effects on the fetus, but there are no human studies.

It is not known whether this drug passes into breast milk. Avoid breastfeeding while using this medicine. Instead of breastfeeding your baby, you can give your baby a formula milk.

How to use

Dosage for Detralex 500 mg tablets:

Condition Dose

From the first to the fourth day: Take two Detralex tablets 3 times a day (during breakfast, lunch and dinner) (a total of 3000 mg per day).

From the fifth to the seventh day: Take two Detralex tablets 2 times a day (during breakfast and dinner) (a total of 2000 mg per day).

If you do not start to feel better do after 7 day treatment, contact your doctor
Chronic venous insufficiency Take one Detralex tablet two times a day (total of 1,000 mg a day). Take your pill in the morning and evening (with breakfast and dinner).

Always take Detralex tablets with a meal.

Use with other medicines (Interactions)

There are no known interactions with other medicines. Tell your doctor about all medications and herbal products you are taking.

Side effects

This medicine is generally well tolerated and rarely causes side effects.

Detralex may cause the following side effects:

  1. nausea,
  2. vomiting,
  3. dyspepsia,
  4. diarrhea,
  5. headache,
  6. fatigue,
  7. dizziness,
  8. colitis (inflammatory bowel disease),
  9. allergy and others.

Tell your doctor if you are experiencing any side effects.

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