Enlast cream

Enlast - Problems with premature ejaculation?

Enlast is a cream used to delay ejaculation in men who have premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is defined as an ejaculation that occurs sooner than desired. It is usually considered that a man has premature ejaculation if it occurs within less than two minutes after vaginal penetration. It is a very common problem among men around the world and often causes psychological problems, including low self-esteem and depression. Therefore, urologists advise that these men should use appropriate products, of course if they are proved to be effective and safe to use.

How is it used?

It contains carefully selected ingredients (mainly of plant origin) that affect the nerve endings of the penis. This cream is intended for topical use and manufacturer claims that it can be used with a condom.

Enlast cream is used 15-20 minutes before intercourse, by applying a small amount (about 2-3 grams) on the penis.

Since it acts as a lubricant, this cream also increases the intensity of orgasms in both, men and women.

One jar of this products is usually sufficient for 30 applications.

Ingredients and efficiency

It contains the following ingredients:

  • Glycerin.
  • Water.
  • Trimethyl ether.
  • Saccharide isomerate.
  • Muira Puama.
  • Arginine.

Muira Puama is a plant that is used mainly as an aphrodisiac, although studies have shown that it exerts beneficial effects in patients with menstrual disorders, joint pain and stomach upset. This plant is often used in combination with other ingredients for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. There have been reported cases of prolonged ejaculation time in men who have used this plant, which is why it is considered as the main ingredient of this cream.

Glycerin is one of the most commonly used lubricants because it binds water and moisture to a high degree. Above all, its role in this cream is to increase the intensity of orgasms of the man and his partner.

Arginine works by increasing blood flow through the penis, causing stronger erections.

There are no data on the long-term effects of Enlast cream so it has not been determined whether Enlast cream extends the time needed for a man to ejaculate even after discontinuing its use.

Unfortunately, well-controlled clinical studies have not been conducted so far to confirm the efficacy of this preparation.

For this reason, we recommend you buy only one jar of Enlast cream and see how it works for you. The truth is that it has helped a lot of men (according to a lot of positive reviews available online), but as we have already said, its efficacy has not been scientifically confirmed yet. But, it's completely natural, so we guess you can't go wrong if you buy only one jar.

In any case, this is a better choice than taking selective serotonin uptake inhibitors that can cause numerous side effects (including serious side effects, such as serotonin syndrome). Enlast is a completely natural preparation and no serious adverse effects have been reported so far.

One jar of Enlast will cost you $50 and is only available through the official website of the manufacturer.


Enlast cream should not be applied in women. It must not be used in men who are allergic to any of Enlast's ingredients. If you have serious health condition, talk to your doctor prior to applying this cream.


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