Forever bust

Forever bust - Does it work?

Forever bust is a natural product produced in the USA and is used to enlarge breasts in women who are unsatisfied with their breast size. It contains eight herbs that contains phytoestrogens which are responsible for breast enhancement effects. Unfortunately, small breasts sometimes may lead to depression in women, and in these situations, it is easier to try to do something to resolve the problem, instead of going to psychologists or taking anti-depressants.

Considering the expensive prices of surgery and breast implants, many women worldwide decide to try some OTC product. That's a good idea, because this is a less risky and cheaper method, although you cannot expect quick results as with surgery. With most of the breast enhancement products, you'll have to use them for at least 3-4 months in order to see the results.

Does Forever bust work?

You are probably worried about whether Forever bust works or are you just going to waste your money for nothing? Well, our team of doctors and pharmacist have researched all the ingredients that Forever bust contains and here are some scientific facts.

Saw palmetto

Saw palmetto is a herb used for centuries, mostly for prostate problems. It contains fatty acids and phytosterols that inhibit an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. Inhibition of this enzyme leads to anti-androgen effects which may be responsible for breast enlargement effects. It also increases the production of prolactin (a hormone responsible for breast development). These effects together lead to an increase in breast size.

Wild Mexican yam and Fenugreek

Wild Mexican yam and fenugreek are plants which contain steroid saponin called diosgenin. Diosgenin causes changes in secretion of estrogen and progesterone which helps breast enlargement. Wild yam is often an ingredient of many creams used for breast massage (also in breast enhancement purposes). This is scientifically proven in numerous double-blind, randomized and well-controlled clinical trials. However, FDA warns all to be aware when buying these products on the Internet, because of a big number of scams.

Fennel and Damiana

Fennel and Damiana are plants known for their estrogen activity and are proved to be effective for boosting breast size. Fennel is also proved as an effective herb for enhancement of breast shape. Long-term use of these plants is not recommended because of lack of data on their safety if used more than six months.

Mother's Wort

It contains leonurine - an alkaloid with anti-inflammatory effects. It is considered as potential medicine for mastitis. However, we didn't find any clinical studies that tested the effects of leonurine on breast tissue. So, we are not sure why the manufacturer added this plant in the Forever bust formulation.

Dong Quai and Blessed Thistle

These plants exert hormone-balancing effects, which helps women enlarge breasts. There are some studies on their efficacy, but the quality of these studies is suspicious (too perfect results, lack of evidence for un-biased research, etc.). We think that further, better-controlled and larger studies are necessary to confirm their efficacy for breast enlargement purposes.

So, what's the conclusion?

The conclusion is that Forever bust contains few plants that are proven for beneficial effects on breast size and shape. You could try it and buy a 3-month supply and see how it works. However, we think that more studies are needed to confirm these effects. There are still no scientific evidence that OTC products may increase breast size, so don't expect too much.

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