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Hexoral contains hexetidine as an active ingredient and is used for rinsing the mouth and belongs to the group of oral antiseptics. Given that this drug works against both, bacteria and fungi, it is used to treat bacterial and fungal infections of the mouth, mouth ulcers, bad breath (halitosis) and gum inflammation (gingivitis). Studies have shown that people who rinsed their mouth with this drug for one minute, three times per day have 83% less aerobic bacteria and 86% less bacteria if they rinse their mouth for two minutes.1

The advantage of this drug is that researches have shown that it causes significantly less changes in tooth color compared to chlorehexidine.2 However, disadvantage of this drug is that it is less effective for the elimination of fungi from the Candida family compared to chlorhexidine.3

Studies have also shown that this drug in combination with zinc significantly reduces the formation of dental plaque (which is considered to be the main cause of tooth decay).4 The combination of hexetidine and zinc is proved to be excellent in inhibiting the growth of Streptococcus mutans - bacterium that promotes plaque formation.


This medicine should not be used in patients who are hypersensitive to the active substance. This solution is intended to be gargled and should not be ingested.

Use of Hexoral solution during pregnancy and lactation

Controlled clinical studies have not been conducted in humans. On the basis of the controlled studies in animals and taking into account the small systemic resorption of the Hexoral's active substance, it is unlikely that use of this drug during pregnancy will be harmful to the fetus.

The same applies to breastfeeding, and adverse effects of this drug in infants are not expected.

How to apply

Rinse your mouth (gargle) with 15 ml of Hexoral solution for 60-120 seconds and then spit out the solution. Never swallow the solution because it can lead to unwanted effects. Rinse your mouth three times a day.

The solution should not be diluted, because it would reduce its efficacy.

Hexoral solution should not be used in children younger than 6 years old, because they are at greater risk of accidental ingestion of the solution.

Do not eat or drink anything (except plain water) for 30 minutes after gurgling.


Hexoral solution does not enter into clinically significant interactions with other drugs.

Adverse effects

Hexoral solution can irritate the mouth and tongue and also may cause taste disturbance. There are not reported any other undesirable effects.


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