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Movalis (also known as Meloxicam) is medicine belongs to the group of non steroidal anti inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs). It has anti-inflammatory (relieves inflammation), analgesic (relieves pain) and antipyretic effect (lowers the body temperature).

It is often called as super aspirin. This medicine is used for short-term and long-term treatment of arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. It also can be used to treat gout. This drug relieves the symptoms of arthritis such as pain and swelling of joints.

Warning and precautions

Do not use this medicament if:

  • You have allergy to meloxicam or any other non steroidal anti inflammatory medicines such as:
    • aspirin,
    • diclofenac,
    • ibuprofen,
    • naproxen,
    • celecoxib, etc.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding. Meloxicam may cause miscarriage. Your doctor will tell you about risks and benefits of this drug using.
  • Heart problems. It can cause serious side effects such as heart attack and stroke.
  • You have blood disorders. Meloxicam prevent aggregation of platelets which is required to stop the bleeding, and therefore use of this drug can be dangerous for patients who already have some type of bleeding (such as stomach or duodenal ulcers). Inform your doctor if you notice any signs of stomach ulcers such as blood in your stool, black stool, etc. If you are using Movalis for long term you will often run blood tests.
  • Stomach ulcer, Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis.
  • You have kidney or liver disorders.
  • Breathing disorders such as asthma. It can cause bronchoconstriction (narrowing of the bronchi) making it difficult to breathe and can cause an asthma attack.

Do not use alcohol or cigarette while you are using meloxicam because it may increase the risk from side effects of this drug. It can cause photosensitivity (abnormal high sensitivity to sunlight) so you must avoid exposure to sunlight while you are using this drug or wear appropriate clothes.

Movalis use and dosage

It is used with or without food once per day. To prevent stomach problems it is best to take during the meal. This drug should be taken with plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration. Do not use more than 15 mg Movalis per day!

Usual dose for adults is 7.5 mg per day.  Your doctor may increase the dose to 15 mg per day.

Dose to treat arthritis to children is 0.125 mg/kg per day but no more than 7.5 mg. Movalis can't be used to children younger than 2 years.


Usual symptoms of acute overdose include:

  • lethargy,
  • drowsiness,
  • nausea,
  • vomiting and stomach pain.

These symptoms are usually relieved after symptomatic treatment. In case of overdose you should stop using of Movalis and contact your doctor.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

This medicine can harm to an unborn baby (FDA: Category D), so should not be used during pregnancy! It can affect fertility, so its use is not recommended in women who are planning pregnancy. Since the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines are excreted in breast milk, you should avoid their use in nursing mothers.

Driving and using machines

Do not drive or use machines while you are taking meloxicam because this medicine may cause dizziness and drowsiness.

Use with other medicines (Interactions)

Do not use following medicines while you are using Movalis:

  • Other NSAIDs such as:
    • aspirin,
    • ibuprofen,
    • diclofenac,
    • naproxen,
    • celecoxib, etc., because it may increase risk from stomach bleeding.
  • Oral anticoagulants used to treat blood clotting disorders such as:
    • warfarin,
    • enoxaparin,
    • dabigatran.
  • Corticosteroids such as:
    • dexamethasone,
    • prednisone,
    • prednisolone, etc., because it may increase risk from stomach bleeding.
  • Clopidogrel (Plavix), because it may increase risk from stomach bleeding. Clopidogrel is anti platelet medicine.
  • Medicines used to treat hypertension, heart failure and other heart disorders such as:
    • diuretics (hydrochlorthiazide, furosemide, bumetanide, spironolacton, etc.),
    • ACE inhibitors (enalapril, ramipril, quinapril, lisinorpil, benazepril, captopril, etc.),
    • angitensin II receptor blockers (valsartan, losartan, candesartan, eprosartan, irbesartan, telmisartan, etc.),
    • beta blockers (propranolol, atenolol, bisoprolol, metoprolol, nadolol, carvedilol, labetalol, esmolol, nebivolol, etc.). Meloxicam reduce effects of this medicines!
  • Immunosuppressants such as cyclosporine. Both, cyclosporine and meloxicam can damage to your kidneys.
  • Lithium used as mood stabilizing medicine. Movalis may increase the concentration of lithium in blood and cause side effects.
  • Methotrexate used to treat cancer. It may increase the concentration of methotrexate in blood and cause side effects.
  • Medicines used to treat diabetes such as glyburide.

Side effects

If any signs of allergy occurs such as:

  1. itching,
  2. swelling,
  3. trouble breathing,
  4. anaphylactic reaction which can be life threatening immediately call your doctor.

Movalis may cause following side effects:

  1. nausea,
  2. vomiting,
  3. blood in your stools,
  4. stomach bleeding,
  5. constipation,
  6. diarrhea,
  7. stomach pain,
  8. loss of appetite,
  9. bloating,
  10. dizziness,
  11. headache,
  12. mental changes,
  13. swelling,
  14. sore throat,
  15. muscle weakness,
  16. numbness,
  17. fever,
  18. burning in your eyes,
  19. trouble urinating,
  20. blurred vision,
  21. jaundice (yellowing eyes and skin) and more.

This list is not complete. Inform your doctor if any side effects occurs.

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