Relora Max

Relora Max - Review | Use | Dose

Relora Max is a medicine that contains extracts from two plants:

  1. Magnolia officinalis
  2. and Phellodendron amurense.

These plants are used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years as sedatives. This medicine is used to relieve stress, anxiety and weight gain associated with these disorders. It does not cause physical or psychological dependence.

It works by reducing cortisol levels (cortisol is one of the primary stress hormones), therefore improving weight loss in patients with stress-related eating.

Relora Max effects:

  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Improves weight loss in patients with stress-related weight gain
  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces confusion and fatigue


It should be avoided in patients allergic to Relora Max ingredients: Magnolia officinalis and Phellodendron amurense or any other plants. If you are experiencing symptoms of an allergy, such as:

  1. itchy skin,
  2. hives,
  3. swelling of the lips,
  4. swelling of the tongue or difficulty breathing, discontinue use and call your doctor immediately.

Ingredients are FDA approved. This product is available without prescription.

It should not be used for more than 6 weeks.

If you are planning surgery, inform your doctor that you are using Relora Max, because this medicine may slow down the central nervous system.

It should be avoided during the pregnancy, because there are reports that Magnolia officinalis may cause miscarriage.

Do not use alcoholic beverages, while using this medicine, because it may increase the risk of side effects!

Safety of Relora Max in patients under the age of 18 has not been established.

Use during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Relora Max should not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding! It may cause miscarriage.

It is not known whether this medicine passes into breast milk. It should be avoided during the breastfeeding.

How to use

You should take Relora Max 250 mg twice a day. You should take it after meal to avoid stomach upset.

Do not use it for more than 6 weeks. There are no studies that have shows safety of long term use of this medicine.

Use with other medicines (Interactions)

It should be avoided in combination with following medicines:

  • Other sedatives, such as:
    • diazepam,
    • clonazepam,
    • bromazepam,
    • lorazepam,
    • zolpidem,
    • nitrazepam,
    • phenobarbital,
    • pentobarbital,
    • amobarbital and others. Concomitant use with these medicines may cause side effects (excessive sleepiness).
  • Warfarin, medicine used to treat blood clotting disorders (blood thinners). Concomitant use of Relora Max with this medicine, increases risk of bleeding.

Inform your doctor about all medicines and herbal products you are using.

Relora Max side effects

Relora Max may cause following side effects:

  1. drowsiness,
  2. hypotension (low blood pressure),
  3. allergy and others.

Insufficient evidence for:

  1. thyroid dysfunction,
  2. sexual problems,
  3. heartburn,
  4. tremor (shaking hands).

Inform your doctor if you are experiencing any side effects.


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